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Toronto, Ontario Canada
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    Toronto Ontario, Canada
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    ~Artisan Quality Giftwrapped~

    Stylish, high-quality and affordable artisan this-is-me jewelry. Because everyone has a touch of nostalgia and more than one faucet of themselves to express.

    Jewelry with intricate beading and other specialized and expertly done details. Often with a metaphysical element: crystal, natural gemstone, wood, paper, fabric, fossils, polymer clay, metal, resin or a combination of curated materials. Always with high quality beads, crystals and other materials that are not price hiked. I pass on my savings to you. Made with durability in mind!

    Created in my studio and sold locally near Greektown Toronto. Thank you for supporting your local neighborhood Artisan!

    ~~Check out my website to learn more~~

    What is your passion? Do you enjoy reflecting what you are about in the jewelry that you wear? Is it a way you express who you are? Your feelings for others?

    Do you love down time and spend it at the cottage or at the beach?

    Do you exist for nights on the town?

    Do you crave travel and vacationing the hot spots?

    Do you invest in one of a kind, handcrafted art for your home, give handmade artisan gifts to your friends, and are excited to spend your weekends perusing art events and craft shows?

    Do you have a highly individual or unique attitude, lifestyle, or imagination?

    Or are you, like me... multi-facetted? I often wear a Chakra bead lariat necklace at home but love some glamour like a CZ drop necklace or a rarer stone statement piece for a night out. And in the summer funky organic pieces uplift me and make me feel happy.

    If you love spending time in nature, you may be drawn to jewelry that is nature themed (like my Cobalt Blue TO beach glass pendant) or jewelry that incorporates elements of nature, such as natural stones like the Unisex Black beach stone found in my catalogue.

    If you crave adventure, you may need jewelry that travels well and can be versatile and worn with multiple outfits as you are jet-setting to your next destination to Rumba in Cuba or zip-line in the Amazon. Versatile jewelry such as my "Universal" beaded chains serves that need.

    If you are an art enthusiast, you may enjoy wearing jewelry inspired by Avant Gaurde or a statement piece that will turn heads and start up a conversation. My Hammered Copper Heart pendant and others are mini works of wearable art.

    For those nights on the town and glamour is a must, I recommend my Peach Druzy earrings!

    I invite you to peruse my catalogue to find your next accessory expression. I would love to know what speaks to you!
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